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I currently have version 4.1 with premium membership. How do I upload version 6?
Quick Add Lacking Functionality
Quick-add the only option from Menu Bar icon now?
Todoist Integration with "Outlook Web Application"
Can't assign task to someone in new Quick Add
Feature request: Manage from menu bar
Project Limit
Filtering due during weekend
Postponing a task causes the task and others to have the wrong date
I have tasks on repeat that require editing (adding of labels etc). Each time I 'save' the change I have a warning that the date setting (that was perfectly fine prior to adjustment) now needs adjusting to reflect a current date, not the date that I first started the repeating task. I haven't checked yet if the task I've completed in the past now disappears from my completed task list (and Karma) because of the date adjustment the system requires.
International support for QuickAdd hotkey in Todoist Desktop on Mac
Completing subtask collapses parent task
completed task does not refresh
Can't attach Dropbox files
Date Bug?
For future updates: recurring tasks
Where can I get an old version of the mac app?
I've never been able to set proper reminders. No matter what I write, the exact date or "today" or "tomorrow" or anything it always says "not valid date". + now my Iphone beeps everytime I enter something on a project even though I have it on manual no default reminder
Team members not showing up