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Viewing all Todoist task entries
Chrome extension window is blank - 1st time, new install
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Task sync with MS Exchange
I cannot find a todoist-App working with modern Blackberry Mobile phones.
API Documentation for getLabels seems to be incorrect
I use Todoist in my laptop, ipad and iphoe... never had a problem until a couple days ago when my taks keep registering a time due when I have not set one and when I review all of them to take the time away it will automatically go back and include a time due on all tasks. Moving tasks up and down does not work and even sorting by priority does not work either; further I have different tasks, in different days and different ahours in each of my three gadgets... Whats going on?
How to mark tasks Completed on Windows and Web versions
Premium services
Full Screen on Mac App doesn't work everytime
Reminder to specific / alternate email address
Recurring tasks setup on Android app
Reminds - Need to add reminds !AFTER! task deadline time, with ability to reminds each X minutes/hours
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Credit card problems
Filter for tasks way in the future
Adding new users to Business account
premium features not working on my Outlook account.