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I recently changed from Iphone to windows phone. My daily tod tasks are not being emailed to my outlook. I unsubscribed to daily tasks Todoist recently as I was not aware of metroist until recently. How resubscrivbe to emails?
I can't send Microsoft Exchange email as a task
Customer support is excellent.
Is there a way to import Trello boards into Todoist?
Make a single repository for projects
Asignar mas miembros a una tarea
Incorrect handling of multipart HTML emails
html in emails
По поводу даты
Task Date Changes
windows version too less infromation
My todoist pages come up in the language zhCN instead of English (usa).
Won't sync from Android to web
Launched from Outlook and browser told me was not logged in
Gmail Add to Todoist button disappears
Missing App! WindowsPhone
Notification Sound
Restrição de uso corporativo
Время завершения задачи
Can I add a complete by date based on completion of another task