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I had to reinstall ToDoist after I refreshed my PC. When prompted to enter my reemption code, I get an error message that the code has already been redeemed. How do I reinstall?
Setting date for a range of days
Why does my date keep changing?
Reoccurring last day of every month
Window position/size is not preserved on Minimize - Restore
when i try to print tasks, the tasks only printed with their labels, but the name of the task not shown on paper?
Subtasks Disappear After Editing
Changing shortcut hot keys
abount security
Yoga 2 Pro Issues
how to add an email as a task?
Big checkmark for today's tasks - can i disable it?
Link to a UNC path
Auto syncing
Windows Phone app
What are the project colors?
How to hide a task, that I only can start working on x dayes, months in future?
How do I log into another account?
Keyboard shortcut makes use other apps unusable
Export data without a premium account?