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Latest Mac update
I can't log out of mac app when I logged in with wrong google account
Double tap reveals other applications, but not Todoist
Feedback - Todoist version 6, quick add
Yosemite - share extension and text to fast not appearing / working
Keyboard only quick add
Mavericks - Please allow us to expand the Notes popup
Hotkey to change the project
Your mail about the Todoist Mac app has only the word "{{TEMPLATE}}" for content
Default notifications on MAC
Dark mode for todoist icon
Show in today
Desktop Notifications
Is it possible to still see tasks assigned to someone else who is sharing a project with you on the "Today" section?
Cannot drag and drop tasks - using Safari browser on Macbook
Sync Problems
expiration of premium service and request to pay while two years been paid.
Shift+Tab does't work in Add quick task mode
Default options for who to notify when a comment is made on an assigned task
filter completed items by date range