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This does not sync with my Google calendar and that is the most important thing I need.
Sugestão para Acompanhamento de Adiamento de Tarefas
Todoist very slow to open on Windows
How to indent within task *notes* (i.e. show spaces on left hand side of a note when viewing the note)?
Scrolling while drag and drop on Mac
Notification every...
How do I show all projects 'excluding' project x & project y
Version 9.5.1 (13106) badge count is wrong
Is there a way to assign same task in a project to multiple people?
When will there be completed task filter that is sortable and exportable?
Bug in Adding Avatar picture
Another request for task end times
매년 반복되는 일정
Api integration
We are finding that our project collaborators cannot see tasks in projects that they have been assigned to this is a team wide problem across all platforms please help.
Condensed Layout
Todolist does not sit well on screen
Closing parenthesis is included in URL
Todoist does not remember view when terminated by system
App does not open